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Monday, April 11, 2011

Source Code Trailer

Source Code Movie Review

This movie was awesome! It was action packed and had a great plot! It was very different although some what similar to that of "Deja Vu" with Denzel Washington which was also a great movie! The acting was good and it kept our attention throughout. It is a must see!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sucker Punch Trailer

Sucker Punch Movie Review

Had no idea that this movie would be so interesting. Great graphics and special effects! The fight/battle scenes really make this movie and pull the plot together. Without the fight/battle scenes the movie would've been difficult to watch but with these scenes it really made for an exciting movie. Very interesting characters. The ending was not expected. This is an action/suspense/drama filled film that you just have to see for yourself to determine whether you like it or not. Let us know what you think.

Red Riding Hood Trailer

Red Riding Hood Move Review

This movie was a lot better than most people would even expect as this childhood story grows up to be much more in this action/suspense/thriller. This movie takes you on a journey through the story which we all have heard but will a slight twist and good plot. Good acting and nice movie... check it out!

Limitless Trailer

Limitless Movie Review

This movie is filled with turns, twists, and excitement. This thriller has so much suspense in it and really opens your mind about opening your mind to the world. They say that man can only use a percentage of the human brain but what if you could use more or even all of your brain...? What would you do? Would you be limitless? This movie will make you think and wonder about all the possibilities. It will also show you all of the risks and hazards as well. Answering what some successful people would do to keep their success and how some people do not care how they get to where they want to be. This is a must see! Very good movie!

Battle: Los Angeles Trailer

Battle: Los Angeles Movie Review

Aliens coming to take over the world... that sucks right!? Especially if they appear nothing like you would expect them to.  Action packed fight to save the planet from being destroyed and the human race being wiped out! Decent acting and plot in this suspense extra terrestrial science-fiction film.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hall PassTrailer

Hall Pass Movie Review

This is what every man thinks he wants and every woman would never let happen! This movie is funny and filled with drama. There is a twist in the movie that would not be expected. You'll enjoy this comedy with great actors!

Drive Angry Trailer

Drive Angry Movie Review

Action packed movie about revenge from the grave! Cool! Great movie! Check it out! Nice special effects!

I am Number Four Trailer

I Am Number Four Movie Review

This drama, suspense, thriller, and action packed film is great! It was definitely time for another super power/alien movie! Great plot, nice characters, good acting, and wonderful special effects! This was a must see!

Unknown Trailer

Unknown Movie Review

Great movie filled with drama, suspense, mystery, and action! We would hate to loose our memory and forget who we are! This film will have you wondering who, why, how, and what... while the ending will have you amazed! It is a must see!

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son Trailer

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son Movie Review

Funny, funny, funny! This is a very entertaining film! A family comedy that has some suspense, drama, and more. Big momma was definitely a character but the son of Big Momma (or daughter that is...) is a hilarious one as well! Check out this film for non-stop laughs!

Paul Trailer

Paul Movie Review

Is that ET? No... its just Paul! This extraterrestrial is funny and down to Earth! :-) (get it... "Down To Earth"... just joking!) This movie is very entertaining! The best part of this film is the fact that they made the alien look as real and as most people would think an alien would actually look like! This adds to the plot and gives all the space-watchers the next best thing to ET... hey Paul is better than ET... Paul is cool! Not to mention Paul can actually speak English well too... lol! Good movie! Check it out.

Just Go with It Trailer

Just Go With It Movie Review

We guess you never really know who you will fall in love with... you will definitely find this to be true in this very funny drama filled with twists in a great plot with wonderful actors. Good movie!

The Dilemma Trailer

The Dilemma Movie Review

What would you do in this situation? We know what we would do! Is there ever a right time to tell someone a secret or a wrong time to tell someone something very important? We say just go ahead and get it over with! Well... the characters in this movie have a hard time doing that and the result is a hilarious comedy filled with drama! You have got to check this one out!

The Roommate Trailer

The Roommate Movie Review

Kinda creepy huh... someone wanting to be too personal... wanting to remove everyone else from your life... wanting to spend way too much time with you... always invading your personal space and property. Well... this movie will show you what it is like to have someone obsessed with you and how crazy some people can be. Nice plot, good actors, and plenty of drama! It is worth the watch!

No Strings Attached Trailer

No Strings Attached Movie Review

Great "chick flick"... just joking... but no really it is a good romance film. This is one that will have you laughing. No strings attached (NSA) is what a lot of people would love to experience so watching it on the big screen is pretty interesting. This movie could even make you shed a tear or too if you're sensitive. Enjoy... its worth the watch!

Sanctum Trailer

Sanctum Movie Review

We are sooooo very sorry but we didn't and couldn't even watch this movie to give you an accurate review. Why you ask? Well... the trailer killed it for us... we are sick and tired of movies that have the same plots! There are way too many movies about a cave in water, out of water, and regardless of if there is a monster or creature in the cave! We do not care if mother nature doesn't want you to leave the cave... we wish the camera crew never made it out of the cave either! When they decide to come up with a new twist to the plot, then we will watch it and give you a real review. If you decide to watch it contact us and let us know what you think.

The Mechanic Trailer

The Mechanic Movie Review

Jason Statham does it again... another good movie. He never lets us down. Action packed and great ending! Definitely worth the watch!

The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet Movie Review

This movie is awesome! If you have ever seen the original TV series you will love this! If you're a Bruce Lee fan and that is the only reason you want to see this movie then you won't be disappointed. Of course nobody can compare to Bruce Lee but this movie's plot, action scenes, and hilarious comedy makes up for it! Never expected it to be so entertaining. This is a must see!

Yogi Bear Movie Trailer

Yogi Bear Movie Review

Great for kids or the kid at heart that wants to go back and revisit their childhood for a brief moment. The movie, characters, and storyline live up to the name! Nice movie... definitely worth a watch if you have children.

The Social Network Official Trailer